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  • Bajirao Mastani (Time 10:30 AM, Venue: Audi II)
  • Randu Kurippukal (Time 10:30 AM, Venue: Audi III)
  • Kamuki ( Time: 10:30 AM, Venue: Audi III)
  • Bachchha Saheb (Time:10:30 AM, Venue: Audi III)
  • Kokar Kand (Time:10:30 AM, Venue: Audi III)
  • Sheeps Vanished In The Herd (Time: 2:00 PM.Audi II)
  • Kanaa (Time: 2:00 PM.Audi II)
  • Moving In Circles (Time: 2:00 PM.Audi III)
  • Trusha (Time: 2:00 PM.Audi III)

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Jury Members

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T S Nagabharana is a Kannada Director, Writer and Actor known for the movies Santha Shishunala Sharifa (1990), Accident (1984), and Aasphota (1988). He has won 9 National Awards and 14 State Awards. He is one of the pioneers of Parallel Cinema and the founder of a theatre organization called "Benaka".

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Francis Vogner

Francis Vogner do Reis is a journalist, producer and curator of film shows. He is a professor at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and teaches film criticism at the School of Communications and Arts (ECA). He was co-founder of the electronic magazine Cine Imperfect (2003), one of the pioneers of Internet criticism in Brazil.

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Kirill Razlogov

Mr. Kirill Razlogov is a professor of cultural studies, film history, and media studies. He graduated from Moscow State University Lomonossov, Historical Faculty, Arts History (1969) and holds a Ph.D in arts and cultural studies.

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Hou Keming

Mr. Hou Keming is the professor of the direction department of the Beijing Film Academy. He is also the chairperson of the China Children’s Film Association and the president of China International Children's Film Festival. In 1976, he began his film career in Beijing Film Studio and then pursued advanced studies in Beijing Film Academy. He also serves as the council member of China Film Association and is a member of the National Board of Film Censorship.

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Xoliswa Sithole

Ms. Xoliswa Sithole is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and is a founding member of the Filmmakers Against Racism. She is the founder and director, of Nayanaya Pictures established in 1997. The vision of the film company is to produce films with themes in tune with South Africa, Africa and Global, political, educational and socio-economic realm with a particular focus on women and children.

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The four Auditoriums, collectively, offer a sitting capacity of 2,601 seats. #BRICSFILMFEST #SiriFortAuditorium #PhotoTour

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